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Hot Start to Snapper Season 22

What started out as a normal 8 hour snapper trip turned into so much more! To begin the day, Bloodline and company rounded up on a sea buoy to catch bait. Stringers and stringers of bait! We had a blacked out livewell in 30 minutes so we were off to go fishing! While we were bait fishing, one customer exclaimed "I've already caught more fish today than in my entire life, it has already been a great day"...

The first couple snapper spots produced some nice snappers in the 5-10lb range, but flipper shut the bite off! So we decided to head farther south into some deeper water and try to lose the dolphins that had been following us all morning.

We pull up to the next spot and almaco jacks started swarming the boat! We were able to cane pole them into the boat, two at a time! It was chaos!

We move to the next spot, in 250' of water. Almost as everyone's baits hit the bottom, a school of 20-30 mahi-mahi swim straight up the boat. The captain yell's "Reel your baits up as fast as you can, it's mahi mayhem!" Sure enough, as soon as the first bait gets up about 10' under the boat, it was a feeding frenzy. We immediately had the biggest mahi in the group hooked up and was putting on a show. While fighting the fish (on a two hook rig) another mahi eats the other bait on the rig. Now we were fighting two mahi on one rod. About 30 minutes later, the boat looked like a crime scene and we were up to our ankles in fish flopping on the deck.

After all the chaos, it was time to get back to snapper fishing. We didn't have a whole lotta time left and needed a couple more fish to hit our limit. So we started our trek north towards the house with a few spots to hit on the way. The first spot we hit on the way home was MONEY! Three baits dropped, and triple hookups! It was on and these fish were big! After a good 10-15 minute battle each, we were ale to land 2 of the 3 with the tax man claiming the third.

Since we made quick work and got our limit of snappers, we had some time to kill. We decided to go troll an area that commonly has king mackerel and occasional wahoo. Lines had been out 5 minutes and we were on, line was screaming out on a 30 wide! With the luck that we had been having already, nobody thought we would be lucky enough for it to be a Wahoo. We're not going to name names, but one person tried to convince everyone that it was just a big piece of grass on the line lol. Anyways, the gentlemen that was so stoked to catch bait was up on the rod and within 10 minutes we got a gaff shot. Not only was it a wahoo, it was a damn nice one!

At this point, it was time to go home and cause a scene at the marina and show off our catch!

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